Flexibility, customization, data, tools - we've got you covered

We have a variety of tools and processes that provide end-to-end program delivery, from applications to matching to market analysis.

   Online Directories
Applicants and recruiters can access dynamic, online, directories for details on available positions and individuals participating in the recruitment process
   Application Integration
Integrate centralized application data and procedures into Match systems
   Multiple Program Models
Recruiters can specify multiple program types and move unfilled positions seamlessly between types
Applicants can participate as part of a couple to accommodate preferences for co-location
   Data and Statistics
Extract value added data to enhance planning and recruitment processes
   Diversity Requirements
Recruiters can match with a desired mix of applicants with different characteristics
   Match Limits
Recruiters can limit their matches on any single parameter (e.g., number of matches from any one school)
   Chained Placements
Placements can be linked so there can be simultaneous matches to subsequent positions