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Benefits of Using a Matching Program

A Matching Program is an effective and fair means of implementing a standardized acceptance date. It eliminates premature decisions based on incomplete information by allowing all offers, acceptances or rejections to occur at the same time.

As a result, many common adverse situations are eliminated from the recruitment process, such as applicants hoarding multiple offers, applicants reneging on a prior acceptance in order to accept a more preferred subsequent offer, and recruiters overfilling the number of positions available. Applicants and recruiters benefit from having full choice of all potential placements. The best strategy for both applicants and recruiters is to submit preference lists that reflect their true preferences.

  • Indicators That A Match Will Work for You:
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    • There is pressure on recruiters to make offers earlier and earlier
    • Premature decisions are made by recruiters and applicants - insufficient opportunitiy to evaluate alternatives
    • Applicants/recruiters must guess the likelihood of receiving subsequent offers/acceptances - no guarantee of achieving best result
    • There is a stressful and difficult to manage waitlist process for applicants who do not initially get offers
    • Recruiters overfill positions due to uncertainty regarding the number of acceptances
    • Applicants/recruiters renege on previous commitments, because of overfilling or better subsequent offers
    • There are unprofessional recruiting practices (e.g. "exploding offers", etc.), stressful and unfair processes
    • There is limited outcome data available to recruiters for planning and managing future recruitment cycles