We specialize in the development and operation of Matching Programs

Matching Program Design

We work with you to build a Matching Program that meets your needs

In initiating a new Match or improving an existing Match, NMS will work closely with you on the design. This work may include advising on the feasibility of initiating or outsourcing a Match; assessing the organizational resources required to implement and administer a Match; reviewing the operations and administration of an existing Match to ensure it is functioning efficiently, effectively and in the best interests of both applicants and recruiters; and/or defining rules and policies to govern a Match based on our experiences with many professions

Matching Program Implementation

We administer, host and support a Matching Program using our people, processes and technology

We have over 35 years of experience administering Matching Programs from end-to-end. Usually working under the supervision of a sponsor organization representing the profession, NMS takes full responsibility for the execution of all aspects of a Match including:

  • Defining rules and policies
  • Developing communication and instructional material
  • Building a custom Match web site
  • Communicating and engaging stakeholders
  • Registering participants
  • Collecting ranking data using our secure online platform
  • Validating data and resolving issues
  • Providing live-person customer support
  • Executing the Match
  • Distributing results
  • Reporting outcome metrics / statistics

NMS has experience operating Matching Programs ranging from a large Match involving more than 35,000 applicants for 25,000 positions offered by 4,000 different recruiters, to smaller Matches involving less than 200 applicants for less than 100 positions offered by fewer than 30 recruiters. Our Matching Programs are scalable, cost-effective, and can easily integrate with existing organizational resources and technology platforms.

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