Optometry Residency Match (ORMatch)

for Positions Beginning in 2017

Information for Schools and Colleges
Key DateActivity/Event
August 2016Program coordinators must return their Registration Forms to National Matching Services Inc.
October 5, 2016A list of programs participating in ORMatch will be available. Applicants can begin registering for ORMatch and submitting applications to programs. Registered programs can begin receiving applications from the ORMatch application service. Instructions for accessing applicant applications will be available to Directors of Residencies.
January 11, 2017Instructions for obtaining Match results will be available to Directors of Residencies.
January 31, 2017Closing date for the ORMatch Application Service. After this date, applicants will not be able to submit applications to programs through the ORMatch application service.

Programs that want to receive applications after January 31 must have the applicant send an application directly to the program at that time.
February 24, 2017Final date for submission of applicant and program Rank Order Lists.
March 6, 2017Results of ORMatch are released. No action to fill positions remaining unfilled after the Match is to be taken prior to 12 noon Eastern Time on this date.

For more detail, please consult the full Schedule of Dates.