2017 MedPhys Match

The Medical Physics Matching Program

Participating Programs

The list shows the medical physics residency programs that are participating in the 2017 MedPhys Match. The list is updated regularly, whenever information about programs participating in the Match changes. Applicants are encouraged to consult the list for the most current information on program offerings and Code Numbers prior to finalizing their Rank Order Lists for the Match.

Programs are listed alphabetically by state and city within state, and then alphabetically by the name of the residency within city. Programs in Canada are shown at the end of the list. Each residency's accreditation status with the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP) is shown in the list. Please note that the information on accreditation status shown in the list has been provided to NMS by each residency, and is not guaranteed to be accurate by NMS, AAPM or SDAMPP. Additional or updated accreditation status information for any program may be obtained directly from the CAMPEP web site.

Applicants participating in the Match should use the 5-digit program Code Numbers shown in the list to identify each program when submitting their Rank Order Lists. Only programs that are participating in the MedPhys Match can be included on an applicant's Rank Order List. If an applicant has applied to and wishes to rank a medical physics residency program that does not appear in the list, the applicant should contact the Program Director to determine if the program is participating in the MedPhys Match, and to obtain the Code Number for the program to be used on the applicant's Rank Order List.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the applicant's Rank Order List submitted for the MedPhys Match includes the correct Code Number for each program ranked by the applicant.