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Internship Match Results

Training sites must log in to the NMS Match System in order to access their results and rank order list information

Contents of Match Result Page

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Once you log in to the NMS Match System for a particular program, you can download a document of the Match results for your training site. The first part of the document shows the applicants matched to your site. If your site offered more than one program in the Match, the results for all of your programs are shown in the same document and are separated by program. For each program, matched applicants are listed in alphabetical order and the number of positions offered and filled are shown.

For programs that submitted multiple Rank Order Lists for a single program, the applicants matched to that program from the various lists are combined and listed alphabetically. If any unfilled positions were reverted between programs, these positions are shown in the program to which they reverted, whether or not they filled there.

Following the list of applicants matched to each program, the document includes a listing of the Match result for each of the applicants ranked by your site. Applicants are listed alphabetically and the training site and program to which each applicant is matched are shown. Applicants matched to your site are highlighted by an asterisk. The information in this report is confidential, is provided for your information only, and should not be distributed or made available to anyone outside your training site.

Contacting Applicants Matched to Your Site

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You should contact the applicant(s) matched to your site as soon as possible after 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on February 17, 2017 to acknowledge the Match result. In addition, according to APPIC Match Policies, you must document your agreement with each matched applicant in a letter to the applicant postmarked or e-mailed within 7 days following receipt of the Match results. A copy of that letter must be sent simultaneously to the applicant's academic training director.

Each applicant who was matched is now bound to accept the Match result as stipulated in the Applicant Agreement and the APPIC Match Policies. In the unlikely event that any applicant does not honor the Match result, please report this to either NMS or directly to APPIC.

Unfilled Positions and Phase II of the Match

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If a program at your site did not fill all the positions offered in Phase I of the Match, the program is included in the List of Participating Internships for Phase II of the Match that is posted on this web site for applicants and doctoral programs.

All positions that remained unfilled in Phase I of the Match must now be offered to applicants in Phase II. Very limited exceptions are outlined in APPIC Match Policy 8b, and all requests to remove unfilled positions from Phase II must be directed to and approved by APPIC. Additional positions that become available after Phase I of the Match may also be offered in Phase II of the Match.

Requests to add or remove positions in Phase II must be submitted to NMS in writing on your site’s letterhead, signed by the Training Director, and must indicate: the name of the training site; the name and Code Number of the program; the total number of positions to be offered by the program in Phase II; and, the reason why the addition or removal of position(s) in Phase II is required.

Information about participating in Phase II of the Match is available on the APPIC web site at:

Beginning on February 23, 2017, you will be able to log in to the NMS Match System to manage your information and submit rankings for any of your programs participating in Phase II of the Match.

IMPORTANT: You should now review carefully all the instructions and procedures provided at the link on the APPIC web site referred to above. The information provided there includes detailed "Frequently Asked Questions" for programs, and information about the "late-breaking news" service that will be available for programs to provide additional information to applicants for Phase II.

In addition, APPIC Match Policies (especially Match Policies #3 and #8) apply to applicants seeking available positions and to programs with positions available after the Match. The Match policies can also be viewed on the APPIC web site at


Statistics for Phase I of the Match are available on the APPIC web site at